Victory Lane Freight, LLC

In late 2016, Cameron Neff saw a need in the automotive industry...A need for a reliable, affordable, and most importantly, safe way of towing and transporting motorcycles and ATVs from Point A to Point B. 

Whether it be from a dealership to an excited new riders' residence or broken down on the 405 freeway at Midnight, VLF was created for and operates in a way that no other tow company can. 


Cameron Neff - Owner

  Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cameron grew up in a household full of members of the film industry. At a young age, he knew that despite his upbringing, he wanted to take a different path than his family.    After some time in the music and restaurant industry, Cameron moved on to involve himself in the SoCal car and motorcycle culture. From racing and building motorcycles with his friends, to being a sponsored and professional RC Racing Driver in the West Coast Racing circuit, Cameron immersed himself in automotive society.   Over the years, he has gained extensive knowledge on how to handle, operate, and ultimately transport heavy equipment and motorcycles of all kinds.    He now resides and works out of his home in West Los Angeles, focusing his time on Victory Lane Freight and its ever-increasing client base.   



VLF uses only the latest, state of the art

Amerideck* brand hydraulic lifts, that allow

up to 3 vehicle(s) to be loaded FLAT AND

LEVEL on the ground. This allows a safer

more secure way to get the motor vehicle

onto the truck for transport to its


We are outfitted with the necessary permits,

roadside safety equipment, lighting, straps

and clothing for ANY assignment, day or night, rain or shine!